ENASTE-Congress May 14-16, 2015



Every approach to education is situated in a dialogue with its own times. The diverse and rapid social, cultural, technological, economic and demographic changes of recent years pose new challenges – and offer new possibilities – to the field of education. The third International Congress of the “European Network for Academic Steiner Teacher Education” (ENASTE) aims to reflect on these developments and their relevance for children and adolescents, for education, schools, and teacher education programs.

Childhood and adolescence are phases of life characterized by intense changes. However, does the nature of childhood and adolescence itself change? When social contexts become radically different, does this lead to a fundamental transformation of archetypical developmental processes? These questions point to the educational challenges posed by the forces of globalization, modernization, and social acceleration. How can schools and teacher education programs address such social and cultural transformations ?

These and related questions will be explored from various points of view in the course of this Interdisciplinary Congress. Empirical research concerned with childhood, adolescence, and teaching will be presented alongside theoretical and philosophical considerations of the characteristics and phenomena of our times and their relevance for the field of education.